True AI

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This demo requires user focus please close extra browser windows for the best experience. If the bot doesn’t talk to you close extra windows and refresh the page.

An exact dialog replica of this bot lives at This webpage and the telegram bot shows how our bots can appear in a wordpress website though a plugin – and at the same time also in a seperate channel “telegram”.

If you book a demo you can see how easy it is to have your FAQ information appear across several channels.

But you can get a white label bot at or a web bot suitable for phone use at

Many chatbot companies still use decision-tree logic instead of actual artificial intelligence. For example, if a visitor types "Listings" into the chat, then the bot will send them a message containing your active listings. It is still difficult to find chatbots with real linguistic and language capabilities that are not centrally hosted, controlled by big corporates and a pain to program with your company's branding and message. When Ninjamoba uses the term AI - we are referring true natural language (NLP) capable bots. This is what makes us stand out - there are hundreds of chatbot companies - few offer true natural language support - few are instantly programmable by any company employee that knows how to use a spreadsheet.

Why is this important? It’s the difference between receiving a natural conversation with relevant FAQ about your business versus receiving a simple websearch answer scooped up from the web by a giant vacuum. Thats why we are Ninjamoba!